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The Company

STI Acoustics and STI Telecom:

Main activities:

  • Supplier of  Professional Sound Systems and Telecom Specials

  • Advise, Engineering, Concepts, Design and  Installation demands on:
    Integrated Sound Systems in public buildings

Solving problems with:

  • Telecom System integration
  • Speech Intelligibility, noise and Acoustic feedback
  • R&D:

  • R&D on Professional Sound components, Telecommunication components and Concepts.
  • Designing DSP-applications (DSP = Digital Signal Processor)
  • Measuring Systems and apparatus for new Medical and ARBO-technical research
  • Third party R&D

Postaddress: Stormweg 13, 3222EM Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands
Laboratory: Kerkweg 23a, Zuidland, the Netherlands
Telephone: (+31) 6 25561938
Fax: (+31) 181 314519
Chambre of Commerce registration no.: 28092042 (Rotterdam Area)
BTW no.: NL 0828.59.243.B01 

Bank accounts:
Rabobank (Hellevoetsluis) no.: 3756.02.380

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